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Our values

Our values

Our values form the basis for our culture, business strategies, bringing us together and guiding what we do.

Go the extra mile

We engage staffs deliver their effort more than customer expected. Customers, both external and internal, there experience through our service is one of the measurement of our performance. We believe that customer-oriented approach is the only key of sucess. Do care for customers, this mindset has been eductating to all members in our business.


We encourage our members continuously learning, from management level to front-line staffs, to keep performance up to date and further develop. We set high standard of quality management to ensure the process in production in order to reduce defect, reduce waste, reduce damage to the society. We source from material suppliers with eco-tex certificate to take part in environmental protection.

Corporate integrity

as a Hong Kong based company, is an important value of our business. We are committed to conducting business and creating products in an ethical manner. We strongly disagree with corruption. We say no to any attempt of violation of intellectual property.